2017 Results

Results for Ploughing Classes 2017

Thank you to all the tractor ploughmen who competed in our competitions
It was a great day with wonderful weather and great competitive spirit

Class 1
Open Reversible

1st  Edward Wright
2nd  Ray Ogden

Class 2
World Style

1st Ashley Boyles
2nd David Chappel
3rd Don Woodhouse
4th  Mike Childerley

Class 3
Best Ploughing in any class under 25yrs

1st  Matthew Horne
2nd Oliver Wilson
3rd Edward Clarke

 Class 4
Vintage Tractor Mounted Plough

1st Simon Durant
2nd Tom Cheadle
3rd  Barry Moore
4th  Richard Hewitt

Class 5
Vintage Tractor & Trailer Plough

1st  Mick Osborne
2nd James Horne
3rd  Fred Tomlinson
4th  Brian Green

Class 6
Vintage Grey Ferg Mounted Plough

1st  John Kitching
2nd Peter Chambers
3rd Len Atton
4th Graham Cooper

Class 7
Classic Tractor and Plough

1st  John Plowright
2nd  George Allwood
3rd  Robert Morley
4th  Geoff Bonser

Class 8
Crawler Tractor Trailed Plough

1st  J A Crowder
2nd  L Dodds

Class 11
Doe or other Working Vintage Plot

1st  Jamie Shaw Brown
2nd  Russell Hibbert
3rd  John Hayward
4th  Nigel Burton

Class 12
Best turned out Working Vintage

1st  Tom Cheadle
2nd  S J Garner
3rd  Barry Moore

Class 13
Best Turned out Working Classic

1st   John Leech
2nd  Chris Young
3rd  Mark Stewart

Class 13
Best Turned out Working Classic

1st   John Leech
2nd  Chris Young
3rd  Mark Stewart

Class 16
Horticultural Tractor

1st  Brian W Carter
2nd David Williams
3rd  Derek Oliver

Class 17
Static Display Classic Tractor

1st  Nigel Burton
2nd  David Frost
3rd  Andrew and Lynda Kemp

Class 18
Static Display Vintage Tractor

1st  David Whyley
2nd  W Wade
3rd  Brian Slater

Results for Horse Ploughing Classes 2017

Thank you to all the horse ploughmen who competed in our competitions.
It was a great day with 10 ploughing teams, a wonderful site to see.

Class 22  
General Purpose

1st   Jim Elliott
2nd  Steven Glavin
3rd  R & E Worthington

Class 25 
Best Pair of Horses Ploughing Appearance

1st  Kevin Morris
2nd  Jim Elliott
3rd  Steven Glavin

Class 26
Best decorated Pair of Horses in Ploughing

1st   Andrew Elms and Jane Muntz-Torres
2nd  R & E Worthington
3rd  Jim Elliott
4th  G Vernon

Best Dressed Horse Ploughman:

1st  Andrew Elms and Jane Muntz-Torres
2nd Robin and Ethel Worthington

Livestock prize/trophy winners 

Cattle Prize Winners

Class 37Native Bull1stC&G Burton & Son Ltd
Class 38Native Female (Before 31/12/14)1stEdward Middleton
Class 39Native Maiden Heifer1stEdward Middleton
2ndC&G Burton & Son Ltd
3rdEdward Middleton
Class 40Continental Bull1stGascoines Group Ltd
2ndJ&W Laight
Class 41Continental Female1stLouise Todd
2ndGascoines Group Ltd
G R Fountaine
Class 42Continental Maiden Heifer1stGascoines Group Ltd
2ndCarolyn Fox
3rdJ&W Laight
Class 43Butcher's Steer - Light1stG R Fountaine
2ndW Hardy & Sons
3rdP&B Hodgson & Sons
Class 44Butcher's Steer - Heavy1stFrank Page
2ndG R Fountaine
3rdNicola Hardy
Class 45Butcher's Heifer - Light1stW Hardy & Sons
2ndNicola Hardy
3rdClive Goulsbra
Class 46Butcher's Heifer - Heavy1stP&B Hodgson & Sons
2ndJ&W Laight
3rdClive Goulsbra
4thG R Fountaine
Class 47Best Pair1stGascoine Group
2ndW Hardy & Sons
3rdEdward Middleton
4thP&B Hodgson & Sons
Champion Commercial (41-44)Frank Page
Reserve Champion Commercial (41-44)P&B Hodgson & Sons
Champion Prize Best Native (37-38)Edward Middleton
Reserve Champion Prize Best Native (37-38)C&G Burton & Son Ltd
Champion ContinentalLouise Todd
Reserve Champion ContinentalGascoine Group
Interbreed ChampionLouise Todd
Reserve Interbreed ChampionGascoine Group

Cattle Trophies

Belvoir Ridge TrophyEdward Middleton
Riverlands TrophyC G Burton & Son
Ken Burton Trophy - Champion BeastFrank Page
Swindells Bros. Challenge Cup - Best HeiferP&B Hodgson
Barry Allsop Memorial Trophy - Reserve ChampionP&B Hodgson
Philip Machin Challenge Trophy - Best PairGascoine Group
C Underwood Trophy - Best Steer In ShowFrank Page

Sheep Prize Winners

Class 48Ewes1stJayne Kirk
2ndR W Barker
3rdSam Booth
4thJayne Kirk
Class 49Gimmers1stR W Barker
2ndSam Crossland
3rdJayne Kirk
4thA Pell
Class 50Butchers Lambs1stSam Booth
2ndSam Booth
3rdR W Barker
4thSam Crossland
Class 51Cross Bred Ewe Lambs1stSam Crossland
2ndR W Barker
3rdR O Cox
4thSam Crossland
Class 52Continental Ram1stSam Booth
2ndLewis Sayers
3rdR W Barker
Non-Continental Ram1stSam Booth
2ndLorraine Clements
3rdLorraine Clements
4th Sam Crossland
Champion Pen of Sheep Sheldon & Sons CupR W Barker
Best Pen of Lambs The Sheldon & W Pell TankardSam Booth
Best Pen of Crossbred Lambs W E Hemphrey CupSam Crossland
Best Pen of White Faced SheepCC Price Perpetual CupR W Barker
Champion Non-Continental RmCC Price Perpetual CupR W Barker

Sheep Trophies

Champion Pen of SheepMiss S Booth
Sheldon & Sons Cup - Champion Pen Of SheepMiss S Booth
The Sheldon & W Pell Tankard Best Pen Of LambsMiss S Booth
W E Hemphrey Perpetual Challenge Cup - Best Pen Cross Bred Lambs Sired By An English Breed Of RamJayne Kirk
C C Price Perpetual Cup - Best Pen White FacedMiss S Booth
The Flawborough Trophy - Champion Non-Continental Breed of RamLorraine Clements

The 2017 Tractor and Horse Ploughing Trophies Winners

Admiral Bromley Cup – Open World Style  – Ashley Boyles

H&R Crawford Memorial Trophy –  Reversible Ploughing by under 25’s – Matthew Horne

Turner Fletcher & Essex Cup –  Vintage Tractor Mounted Plough – Simon Durant

George Bramley Cup –  Vintage Tractor Trailed Plough – Mick Osborne

The Terry Oldfield Perpetual Trophy – Vintage Grey Fergusson Mounted Plough – John Kitching

The Flintham & District Soc. Cup – Classic Tractor with Classic Plough – John Plowright

J W Burton Trophy – Crawler Tractor and Trailed Plough – J A Crowder

W J Yates Trophy – Demonstration Class by Companies at Show – Not Completed

John Machin Perpetual Trophy – Best Turned out Working Vintage Tractor – Tom Cheadle

G F Wright Trophy – Best Ploughman who lives within The Society’s radius – John Cowburn

Bradwell/Johnson Trophy – Best Decorated Pair of Horses – Andrew Elmz and Jane Muntz-Torres

George Gray Memorial Cup – Champion Horse Ploughman – Jim Elliott

The Hickling Trophy – Champion Tractor Ploughman   –  Ashley Boyles

Results for Light Horse Classes

Ridden Horse Classes

Judges: Jill Wormall and Caroline Saynor

Class 96       Ridden Cob
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms. To be shown fully trimmed and hogged.

1st The Irish Artist; Tracey Harris
2nd S. Tennant’s Silver Diamond; Adam Taylor
3rd Coleridge; Dougie Kent
4th A. Mitchell’s Polestar; Antony Pollitt

Class 97       Riding Horse
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms. Riders to wear white armband if their horse is not exceeding 158cms.
To be split if sufficient entries.

1st Mrs E. Hawthorne’s Llanarth Fairytale; Rebecca Crosby-Starling
2nd Up & Running; Sarah Lindsey
3rd Maddy; Megan Wright

Class 99       Novice Hunter
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms, not having won a first prize of £60 or a total of £200 (or equivalent values) in prize money in any Ridden Hunter Classes at home or abroad, before 1st January in the current year.

1st  George; Annette Michael
2nd  Splash of Colour; Chantelle Smith
3rd  Killowen Victor; Andrea Guy
4th  Ebonys Boy; Sabrina McClumpha

Class 100     Open Hunter
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms.

1st  George; Annette Michael
2nd  Peep Po; Sara Thorpe
3rd  Davi Crocket; Kelly Fretwell
4th  Ann Drabble’s Langaller; Aberti Ross

Class 101     Ladies’ Sidesaddle Horse
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms. To be ridden by a lady side-saddle.

1st Andrew Guy’s Killowen Victor; Louise Graham
2nd Dom; Sarah Raw
3rd Rosheen Prince; Chantelle Smith

Class S102  Ridden Horse Championship
1st and 2nd prize winners from Classes 96 to 101 to compete for the K L Beeby & R M Donger Trophy. This trophy is named after Mr K L Beeby & Mr R M Donger in recognition of their 50 years service on the Show Committee.

Champion  The Irish Artist; Tracey Harris
Reserve Champion  Up & Running; Sarah Lindsey

Best Shod Horse Awards

Judge: Mr Richard Spence AWCF, Hose, Leicestershire

Class S103  Best Shod Horse Awards

Champion  Silver Diamond; Adam Taylor

Other Finalists:
                          Llanarth Fairytale
                          Killowen Victor
                          Ebonys Boy
                          Bloomfield Bespoke
                          Rosheen Prince

Working Hunter Classes

Class 104    Working Show HorseOpen to Hacks, Cobs/Maxi and Riding Horses, Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms. Minimum height 68cms, maximum height 85cms, maximum spread 85cms.

1st  Young Vision; Linzi Holmes
2nd  Chicory Chat; Sue Holroyd
3rd  Tommy; Cathy Brown

Class 105    Novice Working Hunter 
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms not to have won a total of £200, excluding championship prize money, (or equivalent values) in prize money in any Working Hunter Class, or more than 25 BE points or £200 BSJA Show jumping, at home or equivalent abroad before 1st January in the relevant year. Minimum height 85cms, maximum height 1.00m, maximum spread 92cms.

1st  Mrs E. Hawthorne’s Ballycreely Boy; Rebecca Crosby-Starling
2nd  P. Cooper’s Tom Ford; Adam Taylor
3rd  Our Hope; Mrs M. Morris
4th  H. Gunn’s Hugo; Steph Gunn

Class 106    Open Working Hunter
Mare or Gelding, 4 years old and over, exceeding 148cms(14.2 hh). Grade A Show-jumpers and Advanced Event horses are not eligible to compete in these Classes. Any horse which has qualified as a Grade A Show Jumpers or Advanced Event Horses as at 1st January in the current year is not eligible to compete in Working Hunter classes. Minimum height 92cms, maximum height 110cms, maximum spread 114cms.

1st  Mr and Mrs Burnett’s Bugsy; Lucinda Burnett
2nd  Zero Cavalier; Roy Hart

Class S107  Working Hunter Championship

Champion  Mr and Mrs Burnett’s Bugsy; Lucinda Burnett
Reserve Champion  Ballycreely Boy; Rebecca Crosby-Starling