Horse Ploughing

The first ploughing match 1912 evolved from a challenge between 2 brothers one night in the Boot & Shoe pub, both claiming their hired hands could plough better. So a challenge took place in Flintham to find out who was the best.

It is the tradition of the society to welcome horse ploughing teams to our show who come from as far away as the Beamish Museum in the north and Devon in the south. The horse ploughing is a popular attraction with the general public and school children.

There are 2 classes for the competitors to enter – High Cut and Single Furrow Digger ploughing. There is also a class for the horses – for the best turned out pair of horses and the best decorated pair.  It is a wonderful sight to see the horses well groomed, decorated with the horse brasses and plaited mane and tails.

For further information on any of the above, please contact Judith Montgomerie, Ploughing Secretary.  Tel: 01636 525262   Email:

Horse Ploughing at the Flintham Show